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Arab States Regional Midwifery Network Meeting a success!


ICM in collaboration with UNFPA, recently held a two day Arab States Regional Midwifery Network Meeting in Casablanca, Morocco. The meeting was a follow up from 3 other regional meetings which were held in Dubai, UAE in 2012, Riyadh, KSA in 2014, and Cairo, Egypt in 2015; all aimed at strengthening midwifery in the Arab states region. Furthermore, the meetings were successful in raising awareness of the challenges faced by midwives and midwifery education in the region, as well as identifying supportive approaches to up scaling midwifery education programmes and activities.

The previous meeting's objectives were to ensure previously explored strategies to strengthen the professional midwifery associations are in place; and to finalize the proposal for the creation of a regional network of midwifery associations, where midwifery leadership programs , partnership initiatives, support and technical assistance networks, mechanisms and opportunities for collaboration amongst countries and opportunities for strengthening South/South collaboration in midwifery education, can be explored and developed.

Arab States Regional Midwifery Network meeting 2016

ICM Chief Executive (in purple) with UNFPA officials and members of the Arab States Regional Midwifery

As for this most recent meeting in Casablanca, objectives were to finalize the Terms of Reference for the Arab States Regional Midwifery Network; develop an Action Plan to establish and operationalise the Network; and finally to develop a first draft Strategic Plan for the Network for 2016-2020.

During the meeting the ICM Chief Executive, Frances Ganges said, ”ICM looks forward to collaborating with this exciting new network that has finally give birth after a long, but fruitful gestation.” Ms. Ganges further commented, “The challenges are many but the leadership, camaraderie and level of engagement that we have witnessed during this meeting is merely foreshadow of the successes to come. On behalf of ICM, I thank UNFPA for their consistent support and once again offer heartfelt congratulations to all on the ‘birthday’ of the Arab States Regional Midwifery Network.” 

Midwives in the Arab States contribute to strengthening the Midwifery Profession in the Region to improve Sexual Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn and Adolescent Health. 

Following the success of this meeting the secretariat has officially launched a facebookpage, which will feature the network's work and progress. 

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