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Laurence Monteiro: Juggling different hats


Laurence Monteiro vice mayor

I feel proud to represent the people in the development of our community”, this is what Laurence Monteiro tells us with confidence and pride.

Laurence Monteiro, ICM Board Member representing West African region has recently been elected as Pobè municipal councilor. A position she will serve for five years representing her community in different development foras.

Pobè is a city with an estimated population of 127,000, located in the Plateau department of Benin. Ms. Monteiro will serve in the health commission advising the mayor on all health related issues including midwifery. “Among my responsibilities is to ensure that all clinics, health centres and hospitals are up to standard,” Ms. Monteiro emphasizes.

When asked what this role means to her, Ms. Monteiro said, it’s great opportunity for her  to use her midwifery skills and ensuring that all development plans are well managed and implemented on due time.  “I come from a line of politicians, my parents were in politics, so was my husband. I like to participate in political issues and making sure that the voices of the people in my community are heard,” commented Ms. Monteiro. She further urge the people in Pobè community to work together, follow the law, pay their taxes for the development of their city.

 Congratulations Laurence Monteiro for your new role! 

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