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Welcome to our new Associate Member - Mexican Midwifery Association!

Ensuring seamless access to Maternal Health Services Mexican Women 

The Asociacion Mexicana de Parteria (AMP) was legally established in 2012 as an autonomous organization that enables midwives and committed allies of midwifery to ensure that pregnancy, birth and postpartum are safe, pleasurable and dignified experiences. We work to be the national expert body that promotes perinatal and postnatal wellbeing through trust in natural birth, honouring the wisdom of Mexican midwives based on most recent scientific evidence.

The AMP respects diversity in beliefs, educational pathways and different styles of work inherent to Mexican midwifery and for this reason our membership includes obstetric and perinatal nurses, professional midwives and traditional midwives. Mothers, families, doctors, doulas and lactation consultants can also become supportive members.

Mexican midwives meeting

Group photo of midwives participating in Leadership training, July 2016. Photo: AMP

Like many nations, Mexico did not meet the Millennium Development Goals and maternal mortality remains at 38.2. Low risk birth has moved to secondary level hospitals leading to:

  1. Oversaturation of hospital services,
  2. Lack of sufficient qualified care providers,
  3. Poor quality in maternal and neonatal health service provision
  4. 46% cesarean rate at a national level, reaching almost 80% in private hospitals,
  5. Increased levels of obstetric violence with little data and research around its impact

IMexico midwife and couple

Despite increase rates of obstetric violence, cesarean section and forced institutional care, couples still seek the kindness and holistic approach of the midwifery care offers. Currently midwives attend 5% of all births in Mexico.

Currently in Mexico there are:

Traditional Midwives


Professional Midwives (technical level)

Bachelors in Nursing and Obstetrics





Work at a community level, attending homebirth


22 in public hospital setting

88 in private setting



2198 work in health centres

1392 work in health administration

9637 work in secondary level hospitals

2457 work in tertiary level hospitals



There is little information on the capacity of Obstetric Nurses to provide midwifery services as their professional duties has focused on other activities.


Source: Sistema de Información del CNEGySR, 2013


Source: Sistema de Información del CNEGySR, 2013


Source: Sistema de Información Administrativo en Recursos Humanos de Enfermería (SIARHE). Diciembre 2013. Dirección De Enfermería De La Dirección General De Calidad Y Educación En Salud

 Mexico traditional midwives

The AMP works with Traditional Midwives to encourage unity and work for common competencies and certification standards

For the next two years, the AMP will be working to implement the ICM's educational standards in midwifery programs and to create competency based certification including midwives from a variety of educational pathways and practice. We also seek to integrate midwifery into the national health systems. 

Overall the AMP seeks to work together with the national health system in order to ensure:

  1. Women have seamless access to maternal health services through the support of an integrated midwifery model of care that guarantees continuity of care;
  2. Women have access to a midwife as first contact for the care of their pregnancy and birth;
  3. Midwives are able to refer directly to other professionals, receive referrals and practice counter-referrals;
  4. Midwives are part of interdisciplinary teams that enable communication at different levels of care;
  5. Services provided by midwives can be carried out in hospitals, birth centres and the woman´s home.


Regulation: AMP is creating a system to Certify Midwives

To ensure the safety of women and babies and excellence in midwifery, the AMP is developing an internal certification system, with national regulatory standards and which favours the integration of quality standards and practice.

Join the Asociacion Mexicana de Parteria (The Mexican Midwives Association) for their annual conference in Mexico City, November 17 - 19, 2016. You can get more inforamtion from thier website 

Mexican midwives and nurses

Midwifery, nursing schools and midwfery preceptors met in JUne 2015 to discuss common educational standards. 

Since July 2015 the following associations have join ICM as full or associate members:-

Full members

  1. Alliance of Bulgarian Midwives
  2. Association Nationale des Sages-Femmes du Congo (Brazzavile)
  3. Association Nationale des Sages-Femmes de Guinee

Associate members

  1. Saudi Midwifery Group
  2. Brunei Darussalam Nurses Association
  3. Somali Midwifery Association
  4. South Sudan Nurses and Midwives Association

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