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To be a midwife

To be a midwife

You will touch a new life

You don’t have to learn a dive

Or even ask anybody how to drive

You have to gain hearts by your side

To be a midwife

You will see life begin and end

You will have much words to send

You must always have to attend

For all women that need care and mend

To be a midwife

Many moments that remains stood

Some sadden and others it good

And some is hard to understood 

To be a midwife

You will see women at their worst

And at their best

You will not find time to rest

You have to do a lot for your guest   

To be a midwife

You will cry a lot

You will laugh a lot

You will know what is it

To be human or humane even a bit 

To be a midwife

You will have so much to do

Care, help, heal and not to go

Still wake all the night in a way that nobody else can do

Who can do all the midwife done .... tell me who?? 

To be a midwife

You have to help woman and child

You have to still work and tried

To give all your worth world wide

You have to give everything to guide

The others to give a lot until died

You will have to help others who cried

You have to do a lot from your side  

To be a midwife

I don’t have a lot to say

I just think about all your way

To be near not to still away

To give a lot day by day

And finally found time to pray

Asking the god to let your strength stay 

Written by Asmaa AbdulMAjeed Thabeet

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