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Abstract Numbers Soar to New Records

Abstract Numbers Soar to New Record 

The closure date for abstracts on 31 March resulted in massive website interest, with views in excess of 6000 during the last 48 hours.

Views turned into action with 1630 Abstracts being logged with a small number still being processed where there were technical glitches.  The categories are listed below and submission numbers are in brackets: further details will be provided at a later date. 



Midwives: Making a Difference Through Leadership (201)


Midwives: Making a Difference Through Partnerships: (426)


Midwives: Making a Difference Through   Professionalism  (716)


Midwives: Making a Difference Rights Through Supporting Women’s and Girl’s Rights (287)


Previous abstract submissions: Glasgow – around 1500; Durban - just over 1300; Prague – 1360.

The next stage: peer review of abstracts commences in a few weeks followed by a June SPPC meeting where programme population will be the major task.  

Notification of abstract success will reach midwives by 1 July 2016   

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