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French speaking GAP Analysis workshop held in Dakar

From the 7th till the 11th December 2015, a French speaking GAP Analysis workshop was held in Dakar, Senegal. This is the last GAP Analysis workshop for the ICM/UNFPA project ‘Strengthening midwifery in French speaking Africa’. Besides the hosting country Senegal, Chad, Mauritania, Mauritius and Guinea Conakry were represented.

This workshop explored the major difficulties and challenges that the French speaking West African Counties are facing. The findings of this workshop will help the participating countries to address the gaps in midwifery education, regulation and help them to build stronger midwives’ associations. 

The opening ceremony was attended by high officials from the Senegalese government and national partner organizations, like the midwifery schools and the association of gynecologist of Senegal. During this session, the SoWMy 2014 report and the Lancet Series of Midwifery were presented.

During the workshop, recognition and support among the participating countries was strong. Besides lots of laughter, the participants worked hard to identify the major problems in their countries and looked for all kind of different strategies to solve these problems. The initial strategic plans to address these issues are already of a good quality and the workshop ended with many happy faces and a trip to the local market! 

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