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Making the Case for Midwives in Mexico

ICM has been making the case for midwives as critical to maternal and newborn health at the Global Maternal and Newborn Health Conference in Mexico.

Address Malata, ICM Vice President spoke as a panellist during a plenary session entitled ‘The Next Frontier: Approaches to Advance the Quality of Maternal Newborn Health Care’.

Address sitting on MNH panel Address on panel

This well-attended event, moderated by Richard Horton, Editor in Chief of the Lancet, focused on the many issues surrounding quality of care. Questions were posed to the panel about the meaning of ‘quality care’; how can we improve quality in different contexts and what is needed to make that change? 

Richard Horton emphasised that the meaning of ‘quality’ also encompasses respectful care, enabling women to give birth with dignity. “Dignity is our right,” he said, “it is not an abstract concept.”

All panellists agreed that an improvement in quality must include the education, regulation and support of midwives, including the creation of an enabling environment where they can work effectively. 

“Midwives are core to maternal-newborn survival,” said ICM Vice President, Address Malata, emphasizing that collaboration is crucial to success. 

Other panellists during this plenary session were included Fernando Althabe, Institute for Clinical Effectiveness and Health Policy in Argentina; Mouzinho Saide, Vice Minister of Health, Mozambique; Professor Vinod Paul, All India Institute of Medical Sciences and Harshad Sanghvi, Medical Director, Jhpiego.

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