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The 11th ICM Asia Pacific Regional Conference

Report by Pashtoon- Zyaee, Technical Midwife Advisor, ICM 

Pashtoon  Panel of speakers

The conference took place from 20th July to the 22nd July 2015 in Yokohoma, Japan.

The conference was attended by about 3,200 people from 37 countries and regions. The conference was fruitful and scientifically rewarding. 

The theme for the conference "Midwifery Care for Every Mother and her  Newborn" covered areas like Midwifery care for every mother and her  newborn, which  is  given the on-going evidence that midwives save lives and that midwives are the most effective health care provider for Women Newborn and their families.

The flag ceremony and official opening took place on 21 first July.

A welcome speech was delivered by the president of Japanese Midwives Association and the Key note speech was delivered by the President of Japanese Nursing Association.

Opening remarks for the conference were by Her Highness Imperial Princess of Japan.  Among the other dignitaries were the President of International Confederation of Midwives, the Mayor of Yokohama, Governor of Yokohama and President of the Obstetrician & Gynecologist Association.

The organizing committee was made up of representatives of  the Japanese Midwives Association, the Japan Academy of Midwifery and the Japanese Nursing Association. The three organizations worked collaboratively to ensure the conference provide an abundance of learning opportunities as well as fun and social events.

The conference sessions raised issues of concern within the Japanese population such as the aging population, the dropping birth rate and the increased need for health care professionals to be more prepared to look after the aging population. There was even an encouragement for people to have more children. In general the aim of improving knowledge on the current conditions and sharing ways of resolving ongoing concerns, and discussing the immediate and truly pressing need of midwives across the Asia Pacific region were achieved.

This conference was a great opportunity for the midwives from 37 countries who met each other, held discussions, and shared and exchanged their knowledge and strengths, so that every expectant mother and newborn baby will benefit of evidence based and compassionate midwifery care in the region.

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