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5th ICM Americas Regional Conference in Suriname 2015

On the 14th of July, the 5th ICM Americas Regional Conference in Suriname opened with a spectacular flag ceremony. After a musical intermezzo, speakers opened the conference officially. The president of the Suriname Midwives Association, Suze Holband, welcomed the participants in her country and emphasized the importance of the theme of the conference: “Invest in healthy pregnancies: invest in midwives”. Dr. Camacho, representative from the UNFPA, Ms De La Torre, ICM Regional Representative for English Speaking Americas, Ms Oyarzo Torres, ICM Regional Representative for Spanish Speaking Americas and Ms Day-Stirk, ICM President echoed her words and encouraged the participants to learn from each other and work together towards better care for mothers and their newborns.

Mr Blokland, Minister of Health, officially opened the conference with the words that not only we should cherish every time this small wonder of helping deliver a baby into this not always friendly place called earth, but we all should make sure that cases when something does go wrong in pregnancy and delivery can be lowered to an absolute minimum.

With these words in mind, midwives from all over the Americas are participating in this 3 day conference, which focusses on improving midwifery practice, midwifery education and learn from each other’s country experiences.  

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