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Abelone Melesse New UNICEF Ambassador to Ethiopia

Abelone Unicef ambassador

Following her performance at Laerdal’s 10,000 Happy Birthdays event last June, Abelone was invited to become a UNICEF Ambassador to Ethiopia. As part of this role, she will continue to use her music to spread the message about child rights, maternal health and girl’s empowerment in Ethiopia.

To stimulate her career as an Ambassador, Laerdal has pledged a stipend of 100,000 NOK to Abelone, and she signed the agreement with Tore Laerdal and many Laerdal employees in attendance during her visit.

Abelone performed 2 fabulous songs at a ‘Call to Action’ event on Sunday, which you can watch here:



‘Delivering Mother’ was written for and first performed at the 10,000 Happy Birthdays event – focusing on the themes of the day of birth in Africa. With a more upbeat, celebratory feel, ‘Happy Birthdays’ was written for the Call to Action event.

Laerdal are privileged and excited to support Abelone in her journey, and look forward to hearing more from this vibrant young woman in the future.

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