Back 14 January 2015

1st Ebola Clinic For Pregnant Women Opens In Sierra Leone

The facility -- located in a former boys' high school in the capital city of Freetown -- is the first care center created specifically for pregnant women since the current outbreak began, Reuters reported. It is operated by Doctors without Borders, a leading charity in the figth against Ebola. "Pregnant women (with Ebola) are a high-risk group so they have less chance than ... the rest of the population," Esperanza Santos, one of the organization's field coordinators, is cited in the Huffington Post

A key reason for the need for a specialist unit is the risk the women can pose to the health workers treating them. Delivering babies is particularly dangerous. Experts say the viral load of Ebola in both the placenta and the foetus, as well as the surrounding fluids, is extremely high - even if the woman herself has recovered. More on the risk and facts in the BBC article

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