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Contribute to global HR for Health Strategy. Fill out the E-survey

CHESTRAD International In collaboration with the Health Workforce Advocacy Initiative (HWAI), the Training and Health Equity Network (THEnet), IntraHealth International and other stakeholders present this e-consultation to support the development of the Global HRH strategy initiated by the Global Health Workforce Alliance with support of other stakeholders; and to examine the health workforce language included in the sub-targets and indicators of current Sustainable Development Goals zero draft.

We are happy to present an e-consultation, accessible through the survey link below. THEnet has been asked to reach out to educators in particular. This e-consultation provides the opportunity to contribute, as critical stakeholders, to the development of the Global Health Strategy and also to the final negotiations of measurements, results matrices, country engagement and accountability platforms for HRH in the Post 2015 development framework and the Sustainable Development Goals agenda. 

We invite your participation in the survey, and hope you’ll take advantage of this unique opportunity to input into the Global Strategy on HRH and our advocacy work on the SDGs.  Please access the E-consultation survey here: 





The initial findings of the e-survey will be discussed by the HWAI steering committee and its members.  It will also be discussed by members of Working Group 4 of the Global Health Strategy process supported by GHWA and other stakeholders.  Additional information will also be gathered through stakeholder interviews at the research meeting on health systems in Cape Town.  A final report will be submitted to the GHWA Global Health Strategy Working Team for its review as well as for publication.  The findings will also support CHESTRAD, HWAI and other stakeholders in their advocacy work on HRH and health systems in the post 2015 framework and sustainable development agenda.

The survey takes about 10 minutes to complete.  Please share the survey within your networks. If you have any questions or require clarifications please contact or .

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