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Competency-Based Education

The expected outcomes of the CBE workshop were:
1. An update on the status of maternal/newborn health & midwifery in the Caribbean region with emphasis on Jamaica;
2. Verification of use of the ICM core documents in Schools of Midwifery in Jamaica & their impact on professional midwifery;
3. Completion of self-assessment based on the ICM core competencies;
4. Adaptation of materials, tools & other resources that support the implementation of the CBE teaching and learning strategies in the Schools of Midwifery in Jamaica.

The opening session hosted by Dr. Steve Weaver, Director of UWI, Mona WHO CC, was attended by several stakeholders who gave greetings including the Chief, Nursing Council of Jamaica, Chief Nursing Officer, UNFPA Director, sub-regional office for the Caribbean, and a special presentation by Dr. Mario Aguilar, Technical Advisor, Reproductive Health, UNFPA sub-regional region for the Caribbean. Other guests included University officials, President of the Jamaica Midwives Association, and Directors of Midwifery Schools and Hospitals.

CBE workshop Jamaica

There were seven participants from the six midwifery programs and the four facilitators were Cynthia Pittier, Iris Vassel-Murray, Pauline Lovindeer, and Jacqueline Welsch. The workshop was carried out successfully as planned with active participation of all participants. Each facilitator will be responsible to make sure the action plans will be carried out by December 2014. Foremeost in the action plan is the standardization of assessment tools (check-lists) to be utilized in the different midwifery programs by the academic faculty and in clinical areas by clinical preceptors. The participants were also committed to facilitate the transition of the midwifery programs into the univeristy settings.

Report prepared by: Irene G. dela Torre, ICM Board Member

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