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The daily newsletter will cover topics and conversations emerging from the Congress, inspiring videos, blogs, articles, summary of top tweets, photos, and much more. This is an exciting opportunity to be part of all that is happening during Congress, conversations and sessions that you might have missed, and send word back home about the unfolding events in Prague. Better yet, those at home can subscribe to the newsletter, which is free of charge, and receive their delivery along with everyone else, on each day of the Congress.

#ICMLive is a newsletter made by people for people and will only “get as good as it gets” if you help contribute! Here is how: If you are a Tweeter, don’t hesitate to live tweet quotes, photos and videos using #ICMLive and watch out for your tweet to be featured in the daily summary, and delivered to thousands of subscribers worldwide.

Remember, #ICMLive relies on you to share emerging conversations with your social networks. The great thing about #ICMLive is, that it won’t just disappear after Congress, but all content will be available on a website for you to keep using. Many of the statements, photos, blogs and videos will be immensely useful for you to engage your stakeholders on maternal and newborn health.

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32nd ICM Triennial Congress 2020 - Bali, Indonesia 21-25 June


International Day of the Midwife