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The National Association of Certified Professional Midwives (NACPM) has joined ICM's efforts to strengthen midwifery for the sake of women around the globe. Over the past three years, NACPM has joined forces with the other U.S. midwifery professional associations and agencies to examine and strengthen U.S. midwifery in light of the ICM Vision and Global Standards.

NACPM is the membership organization specifically representing Certified Professional Midwives (CPM) in the United States. Certified Professional Midwives provide unique and critical access in the U.S. to normal physiologic birth, which profoundly benefits mothers and newborns. CPMs are trained for and work primarily in non-institutional settings, providing care in the community, attending births in homes and midwife-owned birth centers. Founded in 2000, NACPM aims to ensure a powerful and unified voice for Certified Professional Midwives. NACPM directs its influence toward improving outcomes for mothers and babies, developing and strengthening the profession, and informing public policy with the values inherent in CPM care.

CPM midwifery has a contribution to make in the U.S. with care that has been demonstrated to result in improved outcomes that have the potential to help reverse poor outcomes for childbearing women and their infants. CPM care significantly reduces cesarean section rates and the rates of other often-overused medical interventions, reduces the incidence of prematurity and low birth-weight babies, and results in high rates of breastfeeding.

NACPM is committed to safeguarding the right to normal physiologic birth, ensuring that midwives are the primary maternity care providers in the U.S., that CPMs are licensed in every state, supporting excellence and innovation in midwifery education, investing in a strong and diverse workforce, and influencing state and national policy to improve maternal and infant health.

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