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French Midwives Still on Strike

French midwives are still struggling and have been on strike for almost 6 months to obtain recognition of their responsibility on an administrative level. Read how it all started last year in our news articleThe demands of the Midwives Action Group (Collectif des sages-femmes) are as follows:

  1. To be recognized as first primary care providers practitioners whatever their type of practice may be.
  2. To finally obtain the status of hospital medical professionals with a real position in hospital management.
  3. To carry out their profession in an autonomous manner with a salary corresponding to their competence and their responsibility in hospitals, or in private clinics and private practices.
  4. The independent management of birth units and physiological structures such as birth centers.
  5. To be educated in autonomous university units to ensure the quality of scientific and pedagogical studies.
  6. To develop research in midwifery which does not exist in France.
  7. To review the decrees on perinatality which date back to 1998.

Read the full summary here.

Photo credit: REUTERS/Charles Platiau

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