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WRA for Safe Motherhood in Afghanistan

Afghan Midwives Association/Organization of Afghan Midwives (AMA/OAM), Global White Ribbon Alliance (WRA) and Health Policy Project (HPP) initiated the process of establishment of WRA for the first time in Afghanistan. They attempted to collect all stakeholders together to maintain their commitments and cooperation, in order to establish the Afghanistan White Ribbon Alliance (AWRA) for safe motherhood in Afghanistan.

Theresa Shaver, President and Founder of the WRA traveled to Afghanistan at the end of January, 2014 to support the establishment of Afghanistan WRA. On 9th February, 2014 a consensus building workshop was organized where she introduced the global White Ribbon Alliance model – mission, vision, goals, and values. At the same time she discussed the checklist for readiness. Interestingly, towards the end of her presentation and discussion, the participants unanimously agreed that there is a need and it is the right time for the establishment of Afghanistan White Ribbon Alliance.

Stakeholders WRA

Stakeholders of the consensus building workshop with President and Founder of White Ribbon Alliance

This consensus building workshop was attended by many key stakeholders, including Deputy Minister of Policy and Planning and Director of Reproductive Health Directorate of Ministry of Public Health (MoPH). In their opening speeches, they appreciated the initiative and ensured their support for the establishment of AWRA. Dr. Mohira Babaeva, Reproductive Health Technical Adviser of UNFPA said “In Afghanistan, the seed of the White Ribbon Alliance was planted many years ago by Pashtoon Zyaee - founder of the Afghanistan Midwives Association (AMA). The idea has taken some time to geminate but it appears now the time is right for blooming”.

There were two other major outcomes. Firstly, nomination and finalization of core committee members and secondly, AMA offered its support to host the first AWRA office. The group accepted AMA as the first institutional home of AWRA. This initiative shows the readiness of Afghanistan to contribute towards global moments. At the same time, it also exhibits the strength of AMA to contribute not only at national level but also globally.

Discussion session

Dr. Ahmad Jan Naeem, Deputy Minister Policy and Planning, MoPH during discussion session

Report prepared by the Afghan Midwives Association.

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