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ICM Participates in the SoWMy 2014 Data Analysis

The SoWMy Core Group hosted a data analysis workshop in Geneva (03-04 March, 2014) in order to gain consensus on the key messages coming from the SoWMy 2014 data. The key messages will subsequently be reflected in the writing and analyses contained in the report. Nester T. Moyo (ICM Senior Midwifery Advisor) and Zaida Lara (Midwife Intern) represented ICM.

The objectives of the meeting were as follows:

a) to share the results of analyses conducted by different teams;

b) to review the emerging issues of the analyses to identify the emerging findings;

c) to brainstorm on the best visualization of these key findings and analyses.

Each person or team responsible for an analysis topic presented the work they had done on the data set received a few days before. All the presentations stimulated a considerable discussion and a lot of insights were shared. This was a very lively and productive workshop which gave the impression that the report is going to be quite informative to both health workers and policy makers. From what was learnt during this workshop, the report will contain information including projections, which will help policy makers use evidence to inform their MNCH human resource planning processes.

Report prepared by Nester T. Moyo, ICM Senior Midwifery Advisor

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