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Global Indicators for Maternal Healthcare

The main objective of the WHO meeting was to discuss new health indicators, and reduce the maternal health indicators from the current 17 to 5. In her working group ICM Board Member, Ingela Wiklund, successfully pointed out that the indicators are only useful if a midwife is present. Following this discussion the core indicators were agreed upon as follows:

  1. Availability of health professionals with midwifery competence
  2. Proportion of new stillbirths (where the baby was alive at admission)
  3. Magnesium treatment 
  4. Use of oxytocin after birth
  5. Use of partograph

Adding complementary indicators was also discussed, such as the proportion of women who have a postnatal checkup 24-48 hour after birth, and proportion of women who are offered information about contraception. Some general indicators such as infrastructure of running water, soap as well as reporting on maternal and infant death were also discussed. A separate sub-group also discussed indicators for newborn health. 

The meeting was attended by researchers, institutions, health care workers, and clinicians from all over the world. 

Report prepared by ICM Board Member Ingela Wiklund.

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