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The presence of fathers at birth is life changing

Vice President Debrah Lewis advocates in her TEDx talk for the necessity of fathers being present at their child's birth. "Studies have shown that the presence of fathers at the birth of the child have a huge impact on the child's life. Premature babies gain weight much faster; children growing up without a father are two to three times more likely to use alcolhol and drugs; 39% of inmates interviewed reported that they came from a household with an absent father." Debrah also talks about the need to include fathers in the pregnancy and not forget that they also have needs. She calls on each and everyone to take action and change the system so fathers can take on their role, and every man in every country has the right to attend the birth of his child. 

Watch the entire video here

TEDx talk feature the world's most inspiring thinkers and doers. There are over 1500 talks available online with the purpose of inspiring change in attitudes, lives, and ulitmately the world. Read more about TEDx talk here

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