Regulation Standing Committee 

The ICM Board established the Regulation Standing Committee in 2008 as a mechanism through which to strengthen midwifery regulation at national, regional and global levels. The Committee focuses on the development and support of regulatory systems that ensure midwifery practice is defined, regulation is in place, practice and education standards are met, midwives are registered/licensed, and midwifery practice is accountable to the public/society. Professional regulation can be defined as the acceptance of responsibility for maintaining standards and practicing within the limits of one’s competence. Regulation is one of the three pillars (Education, Regulation, Midwifery Associations) through which the ICM works to strengthen midwifery world-wide. 

The Regulation Standing Committee is active in midwifery regulation projects such as:

If you are interested in participation in the development of this toolkit please contact one of the co-chairs of the committee listed below.

Members of the Regulation Standing Committee

Regional Standing Committee members are active midwifery regulators in their own countries or are knowledgeable about midwifery regulation.

View current members of the committee here 


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