Standing Committees

Education Standing Committee

The ICM Education Standing Committee promotes the international standardization of midwifery education to support the development and expansion of high quality and effective undergraduate and post graduate midwifery education programmes. It also oversees the production of the resources required to support these standards and their effective implementation internationally.

Regulation Standing Committee

The ICM Regulation Standing Committee focuses on the development and support of regulatory systems that ensure midwifery practice is defined, regulation is in place, practice and education standards are met, midwives are registered/licensed, and midwifery practice is accountable to the public/society. Professional regulation can be defined as the acceptance of responsibility for maintaining standards and practicing within the limits of one’s competence.

Research Standing Committee

The ICM Research Standing Committee and its Research Advisory Network (RAN) provide ICM’s member associations with up to date information on all aspects of midwifery practice, education and service. It plays a key role in the development of the ICM Triennial Congresses. Research is the foundation of midwifery’s Three Pillars and ongoing education and research are the lifeblood of any vibrant profession.


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ICM Triennial Report


Introducing the RAN (Research Advisory Network) for registered members: A helpful resource for midwifery researchers - you can network and team up with other midwifery researchers to work on joint international research projects or identify midwives with particular expertise to review journal articles / conference abstracts. 

 International Day of the Midwife 2017