ICM Board 

The International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) council delegates on 16th June 2017 in Toronto, Canada voted for the new president and board members. The New Board will serve for the next three years. 

Franka Cadee new president 2017-2020

President: Franka Cadee

Mary Kirk new Vice President

Vice-President: Mary Kirk

Ingela Wiklund new treasurer

Treasurer: Ingela Wiklund 

Board Members:

Representing Africa Region 

Dicko F Maiga board member Africa

Dicko Fatoumata S Maiga

Jemima D Antwi board member Africa

Jemima Dennis-Antwi

Representing The Americas Region 

Emmanuele Herbert new board member Americas

Emmanuelle Hébert


Sandra Oyarzo Torres cont board member Americas

Sandra Oyarzo Torres

Representing Asia Pacific Region 

emi indomo asia pacific

Emi Nurjasmi Indomo

hatsumi tanaguchi new board member asia pacific

Hatsumi Taniguchi


Rafat Jan cont board members asia pacific

Rafat Jan

Representing Europe Region 

Serena debonnet cont board member europe

Serena Debonnet

Rita Borg Xuereb cont board member Europe

Rita Borg-Xuereb


Trude baord member europe

Trude Thommesen

Sally Pairman Chief Executive

Chief Executive: Sally Pairman



Photograph: The new ICM Board 2017-2020 elected in  during the 31st Triennial Congress in Toronto, Canada

L-R front row: Emi Nurjasmi Indomo (Asia Pacific), Rafat Jan (Asia Pacific), Trude Thommesen (Europe), Franka Cadee (President), Dicko Fatoumata S Maiga (Africa), Jemima Dennis-Antwi (Africa), Rita Borg-Xuereb (Europe), Sandra Oyarzo Torres (Americas)

L-R back row: Hatsumi Taniguchi (Asia Pacific), Ingela Wiklund (Treasurer), Serena Debonnet (Europe), Sally Pairman (Chief Executive), Mary Kirk (Vice President), Emmanuelle Hébert (Americas) 

Photocredit: ICM