Model Curriculum Outlines for Professional Midwifery Education

During the 2011-2014 Triennium, ICM work is focused on dissemination, use and evaluation of the Global Standards, Competencies and Tools. The newest tool, adopted in 2012, is the Model Curriculum Outlines for Professional Midwifery Education. This set of four resource packets is based on the updated competencies and global education standards, and is provided to the global community to enhance understanding and use of the documents.

The four resource packets with appendices that comprise the ICM Model Curriculum Outlines for Professional Midwifery Education (2012) include: 

Packet #1: Background and the Curriculum Development Process; Arabic Version 
Packet #2: Model Midwifery Curriculum Outlines
Packet #3: Key Resources Available for Midwifery Education
Packet #4: Teaching and Learning in a Competency-based Curriculum; Arabic version 

The resource packets may be viewed in any order. However, it is suggested that one review Packet #1 to better understand the organization of content in Packet #2, especially if teachers are unfamiliar with curriculum development and the new ICM Global Standards for Midwifery Education or the updated ICM Essential Competencies for Basic Midwifery Practice (2010 amended 2013). Packet #3 provides some generic resources for teachers and needs expansion to include country-specific resources. Packet #4 is a self-contained module focused on how to teach in a competency-based curriculum and may not be useful for experienced educators familiar with competency-based education. This packet may be set aside if not needed or used during the establishment of a new competency-based curriculum.

Detailed Table of Contents for all four Resource Packets.

Resource Packets: Feedback Form

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