Leefke Hinderlich

Governance and Regional Senior Coordinator

Leefke Hinderlich joined ICM in 2022. As Governance and Regional Senior Coordinator, Leefke is responsible for managing ICM’s election process, coordinating the Council meeting in close collaboration with ICM’s CE and President. Together with the Chief Midwife, she ensures ICM’s regional approach is contextualized and implemented in all ICM Regions, managing Regional Meetings and Regional Professional Committees (RPC).

Prior to joining ICM, Leefke worked in different member associations in Germany and on various projects in India and Indonesia. She has experience in advocating interests at the national political level in Germany, focusing on bringing sustainability in the construction industry to the agenda of the federal government. Leefke is driven by bringing people from various backgrounds together and localising global ideas to make an impact on the ground. In particular, she worked with volunteer, feminist, and disability rights projects in Indonesia and India, where she was responsible for translating local needs to a global audience.

She holds a bachelor’s in Area Studies from Humboldt University zu Berlin, an MA in International Relations from Leiden University, and an MSc in Law and Society: Global Governance and Development from Leiden Law School. Leefke lives with her partner in The Hague and enjoys being outside in nature when the sun is shining in The Netherlands.

Based In: The Netherlands
Home Country: Germany
Languages: German, English, Bahasa Indonesia and basic French and Dutch