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Invitation to register interest for MSF 2020

3 December 2019

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has enabled the ICM to provide extensive technical support to one eligible country to undertake the revised MSF during 2020-2021. Implementation of the MSF is initiated at the request of a national government. If you are interested in implementing the MSF in your country, please register your interest for the MSF 2020 by answering the following questions. You will receive an invitation to move further in the process only after ICM has determined your eligibility based on your answers to the following questions.

MSF Eligibility Questions


Please register your interest in the MSF 2020 by sending your answers to the above questions to: by 2nd January 2020.

Next steps:

If you are eligible, the ICM will send you an MSF Expression of Interest (EoI) template. The MSF EoI template will require you to submit additional information about your motivation and readiness to adopt a midwife-led continuity of care model for your country’s maternity services.

Please note that the deadline for submitting the MSF EoI is 28 February 2020. The EoIs will be assessed by the ICM’s panel of MSF experts and a shortlist of potential MSF countries will be established.

The ICM will undertake a virtual or in-person due diligence exercise in the shortlisted countries. Subject to the recommendations of the due diligence report, the successful country will be notified by 30th March 2020.

A high-level delegation consisting of ICM’s Chief Executive or ICM’s President, ICM’s MSF project manager and MSF technical expert will visit the successful country to confirm selection and sign agreement.

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