Board Briefer: October/November 2021

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  • Board Briefer: October/November 2021

Board Briefer: October/November 2021

Greeting from the Board! 

The Boards had a series of meetings in October where we enjoyed a three-day governance workshop as well as sessions on social media tips and tricks. We are please to see an investment in strengthening the Boards governance capacity for the benefit of ICM.  We also had a short brainstorm session about potential ICM Global ambassadors. This discussion will be continued in 2021. 

Despite the COVID 19 impact that halted the implementation of the Midwifery Education Accreditation Programme in some of the countries, the board was pleased to have received and approved the completion of the first Midwifery Education Accreditation programme. We look forward to many to follow. 

Many of our ICM Regions enjoyed Regional meetings, as a Board we reflected on the meetings and will work with the ICM head Office Regional Support team to incorporate lessons learned into our next series of Regional meetings in 2021.

At our November Board meeting, we approved both the admission of several new Member Associations and the termination of several other members. All-in-all, we are proud to see a steady growth of ICM’s membership. Today ICM counts 143 Member Associations in 124 countries.

The Board have been occupied with guiding the new 2021-2023 Triennial Strategy process. As a consequence of this new strategy and to implement the changes to Board structures as decided by the Council in June 2020, we foresee the need for governance transformation of ICM to enable us to become a more agile, equitable and sustainable organisation. To make best use of both the capacity and time of Board members we have decided to add two new committees to the already functioning Finance, Audit and Risk (FAR) Committee. The Governance Committee will guide governance reform over the next few years in preparation for the next Board transition at the 2023 Council preceding the Triennial Bali Congress. The new Regional Support Committee will work with the Head Office Regional support team to clarify needs, roles and responsibilities of the Board members as part of the ICM Regional Team.

A standard item on our Board agenda is the quarterly financial performance against budget report. As a Board we are assured that ICM’s financial interests are well managed and reported.


Pandora Hardtman – ICM Board Member representing North America and the Caribbean sub-Region

Hilma Shikwambi – ICM Board Member Representing Anglophone Africa sub-Region






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