ICM e-Learning Modules

ICM e-Learning Modules

Launched in 2022, the ICM eLearning platform hosts a set of interactive, online resources and eLearning modules for midwives, midwives’ associations, midwife educators, and regulatory authorities. ICM has developed this platform in response to needs identified by its Member Associations.  

Access the e-Learning Platform

The platform aims to: 

  • Support our Member Associations with association-strengthening  
  • Enhance the skills of midwives
  • Inform stakeholders about ICM's work
  • Support midwife educators including clinical preceptors, midwife education providers, and regulatory authorities in improving and maintaining quality, midwife education
  • Provide ICM Head Office staff and Board Members with organisational and sector training  

Currently, the platform is available in all three ICM languages (English, French, Spanish) and consists of five subjects or modules: 

  1. Orientation to ICM: The Introduction to ICM module provides users with an overview of ICM – what it is, what it does, and how it works. The module will be useful to new Board Members, new ICM Staff, the Young Midwife leaders, and to any of our Member Associations who want to understand more about our organisation. 
  1. Respectful Maternity Care: The aim of this e-learning module is to help the learner identify disrespect and abuse in maternity care and to follow the steps outlined in the ICM RESPECT toolkit and resources to address this. The module is designed for midwife managers, leaders, teachers, and Midwives Associations to develop their skills and knowledge. 
  2. Financial Strengthening of Midwives’ Associations: The MA Financial Strengthening module provides users with an overview about the practical income generation tools and techniques, with a focus on membership fees. The module will be useful to any staff/volunteers/leadership of Member Associations responsible for fundraising and or membership scheme and for Member Associations that need to develop or strengthen their income generation activities and techniques 
  3. Mentoring: Mentoring is a specific approach to professional support whereby the mentor and the mentee enter into a mutually agreed, equitable, and reciprocal learning relationship. This module is supported by the ICM mentoring guidelines published in 2019 and can be used by all midwives, Midwife Associations, senior midwives in leadership roles, and in education to support newly graduated midwives. 
  4. Advocacy: In this course, learners will develop an understanding of advocacy and its role in advancing the midwifery profession at community, national and international levels. This course provides learners with tangible tools to help identify and begin to advocate for midwives and midwifery issues.  

We invite our members and stakeholders to create a user profile by following the instructions below. From there, you will have full access to all the above modules, with the opportunity to provide feedback on your experience. Only a limited number of user spots are available – register soon!  

Steps to create your ICM eLearning account:  

  1. In order to access the platform, please click on this link: https://enetlearn.com/icm
  2. Once you are on the login page of the platform, you will need to register and create a profile. Make sure to remember your username and password as you register! After completing the registration form, you will automatically be directed to the platform. 
  3. Once you’ve registered, you will receive an email confirming your registration. You will need to use this link https://enetlearn.com/icm to access the platform for all future visits.

Should you require further assistance please email helpdesk@ecomscotland.com.

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