Dreams for Birth: ICM Goodwill Ambassador, Her Excellency, Toyin Saraki


 My Dream for Birth

toyin saraki

“In my dream for childbirth, I  would start even before pregnancy. I would like to see a situation where every woman around the world can actually plan her pregnancy, so that she can be in a very good state of health and nutrition.

I would also like to see financial planning during the pregnancy so that the woman can be nurtured, ideally by a midwife, and have easy referral to a doctor throughout her pregnancy - so that we can anticipate her needs.

And I would hope that every woman who is about to give birth would have a skilled medical attendant with her, be it a midwife or a doctor, or both. So that she can bring her child into the world with everything that a public health infrastructure should be able to give that child, but also to be able to make her own decisions as to where, and when to have her child in the best of health”