The Independent Election Committee (IEC)

The Independent Election Committee (IEC)  

The Independent Election Committee (IEC) assists the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) Council in fulfilling its responsibility to appoint members of the Board. The scope of the IEC’s role will evolve in phases over the first six years of the establishment of the IEC through a process of learning and development. To facilitate this process, the 2022 ICM President will chair the IEC until the completion of the 2023 elections.  

Membership of the IEC   

The IEC is comprised of four members and a Chair, who are selected based on their skills to perform the requirements of the role.  All members must be current members of an member association (MA).  

The Chair of the IEC is selected based on their leadership skills and knowledge and experience of election committees. Ideally, the Chair of the IEC should be independent of the ICM, as the primary purpose of the role is to steer objective governance of the election process. A neutral Chair provides an objective perspective that assists in selecting the best candidates.  

Responsibilities of the IEC  

  • Developing a suitable competency framework for candidate evaluation.   
  • Assessing candidates against the framework, ensuring that nominations for appointments are based on merit and objective criteria, and within this context, promote diversity of age, gender, social and ethnic background, geographic, language, cognitive and personal strengths. 
  • Recommend suitable Board member candidates and Council Delegates to MAs in each region.


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