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6 months since the launch of ICM’s new e-learning platform for ongoing midwifery development

7 November 2022

Professional Development Online: 6 months since the launch of ICM’s new e-learning platform for ongoing midwifery development 

ICM Member Associations spoke, and we listened. Through its bi-annual member survey, MAs representing every ICM region called out the need for improved and accessible professional development opportunities. ICM responded by creating and launching the new ICM e-Learning Platform, which is now available to all ICM member midwives’ associations and their members. The platform features five modules:   

  • Orientation to ICM   
  • Respectful Maternity Care  
  • Financial Strengthening of Midwives’ Associations 
  • Mentoring  
  • Advocacy  

The e-Learning Platform is a forever-evolving professional resource. ICM plans to work with partners, including its Members Associations and experts in digital learning to continually create new modules relevant and responsive to the evolving midwifery landscape.  

“ICM firmly believes that by strengthening the skills of midwives and their associations, we can strengthen the midwifery profession and the health and prosperity of future generations,” said ICM Chief Executive, Dr. Sally Pairman, in speaking about the platform and professional midwives’ association needs.   

ICM staff and Board Members, together with representatives from several midwives’ associations have tested the platform to ensure its readiness for use by all ICM stakeholders. 

Here’s what some representatives of ICM’s member associations have said about the platform: 

“I had a wonderful learning experience with ICM e-Learning. My mentor (a senior Midwife tutor) and I went through the modules, and it was amazing. While taking classes, I actively made notes and after I finished all the courses, I still went back to consult the platform sometimes because of how rich the materials were.” 

—Praise Dahunsi, Registered Nigerian Nurse-Midwife 

“The ICM e-Learning platform is great because it has taught me that mentorship is not just one-sided, but achieved through effective communication and understanding between the mentor and the mentee” 

— Edith Niber, Registered Ghanaian Midwife 

“The ICM e-Learning platform is valuable for ICM member associations because it creates a platform to communicate new ideas. It gives members the ability to gain knowledge and develop advanced skills.” 

— Doreen Mwazani, Registered Malawian Nurse Midwife 

“It was amazing to use the ICM e-Learning platform. I learned new progressions and updates about midwifery, and I learned more about how to use technology and information communication in my advocacy, which has greatly supported my work in the Young Midwife Leaders (YML) Programme. I can say this platform has been a huge support for me.” 

  Augustin Harushimana, Registered Burundian Midwife and founder and chairperson of The Midwife in Action’s Association Burundi 

“The e-learning platform was a real discovery for me. It offers so many tools, each one as useful as the other. The mentoring program was by far my favourite part. Having gone through this platform I am more equipped than ever to play my role as a Young Midwife Leader (YML) and to share what I have learned with my midwifery association in Haiti. 
I am convinced that every midwife should be able to use this platform to better grasp the importance of midwifery in the world, to understand how ICM is structured, and to learn how important it is to be more actively involved in midwifery activities. Together we can make midwifery better, we can make the world better.” 

Jeffthanie Mathurin, Registered Haitian Midwife and the Communications Officer of the Association of the Haitian Midwives 

We encourage our ICM member midwives’ associations to visit the platform and begin their e-learning journey today. Our goal is to ensure that learners have a seamless experience within the platform and that the content of the modules is relevant to their professional needs. Once you have created your free account, you will find information on how to submit feedback about your experience. 

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