Research Standing Committee

The ICM Research Standing Committee and its Research Advisory Network (RAN) provide ICM’s Midwives Associations with up to date information on all aspects of midwifery practice, education and service. It plays a key role in the development of the ICM Triennial Congresses. Research is the foundation of midwifery’s Three Pillars and ongoing education and research are the lifeblood of any vibrant profession. If you are a member of RAN and would like to access this database you first need to log in to the ICM website (see upper right corner) before you click on this link.

The Research Standing Committee:

  • Identifies midwifery research in progress and takes part in the discussions to develop the ICM research strategy
  • Creates communication networks between researchers working in reproductive health and midwifery
  • Maintains a database of researchers which acts as a source of information and support
  • Recommends to the ICM Board, Executive Committee and Council, activities, priorities, strategies and practices for midwifery research throughout the world.
  • Reviews abstracts submitted for peer-review
  • Plans RSC involvement in each ICM congress and facilitates research workshops at these
  • Provides a resource of expert midwifery research workers for access by ICM if required 


View the current members of the Research Standing Committee here 


The Research Advisory Network (RAN)   

The ICM Research Standing Committee has established the Research Advisory Network (RAN), which currently consists of 105 members from many different countries.

The Network serves the dual function of facilitating research collaboration among members as well as providing expertise and advice to the ICM and the Research Standing Committee on research issues. For example, the network peer reviews research abstracts for the ICM Triennial Conferences (Brisbane, 2005 – Glasgow, 2008 – Durban, 2011). 

The RSC is looking to develop and expand the Network and we are particularly interested in people who:

* Recognise the importance of research to midwifery and reproductive health generally

* Are professionally active in the area of midwifery and reproductive research

Would you like to join the ICM Network of research advisors and peer reviewers?

If you would like to join the Research Advisory Network, please download an application form and submit to Prof. Hora Soltani, Chair of Networking within the ICM Research Standing Committee.

To access the RAN datbase you must be a member and you will need to log-in to the ICM website to view the database

Midwifery Research List

A midwifery discussion list has been established to provide an open forum for discussion o­n issues relating to research o­n midwifery and reproductive health. The list aims to create an international network of people who are eager to share information (e.g. workshops, seminars, conferences and new research) and to promote links, collaborative working, joint problem-solving and mutual support. Currently it contains 440 subscribers from 43 countries.

To join the midwifery research list:
Go to AND CLICK ‘subscribe’.

The Mailbase computer will ask you to confirm your membership by sending back a unique code.

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Introducing the RAN (Research Advisory Network) for registered members: A helpful resource for midwifery researchers - you can network and team up with other midwifery researchers to work on joint international research projects or identify midwives with particular expertise to review journal articles / conference abstracts. 

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