Scientific Professional Programme Committee

The ICM Board decided in 2009 that the Scientific Professional Programme Committee for future Congresses will be organised through ICM Headquarters. Work is underway to develop the 2017 Scientific Programme in Toronto.

The Scientific Professional Programme Committee (SPPC) assesses and approves abstracts and completes the scientific programme for ICM Triennial Congresses. For the first time in June 2011 in Durban, South Africa, the ICM Congress programme started to include engagement with global partners in the form of Partner Panels, which consolidated ICM’s relationship with its partners as they shared the work they are doing to improve maternal and neonatal health globally.

Committee members

Co Chair: Marian van Huis
Co Chair: Karen Guilliland
ICM Chief Executive: Frances Ganges 
ICM ESC Chair: Ans Luyben 
ICM RSC Chair: Kerri Schuiling 
ICM Reg SC Chair: Sally Pairman 
Canadian Association of Midwives: Vicki van Wagner

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