ICM Board 

In June 2014 the Council appointed a new Board with Frances Day-Stirk re-elect as ICM President for the next three years.

Vice-President: Address Malata

Treasurer: Myrte de Geus

Board Members:

Representing Africa: Laurence Monteiro; Jemima Dennis-Antwi
Representing The Americas: Irene De La Torre; Sandra Oyarzo Torres
Representing Asia Pacific: Sue Bree; Mary Kirk; Rafat Jan
Representing Europe: Serena Debonnet; Rita Borg-Xuereb; Ingela Wiklund

Chief Executive: Frances Ganges

 ICM Board introduction at Congress

Photograph: The new ICM Board being introduced at Congress in Prague, Czech Republic

L-R: Frances Day-Stirk (President); Frances Ganges (Chief Executive); Jemima Dennis-Antwi (Africa East); Sandra Oyarzo Torres (Central/South America); Rafat Jan (Asia/Pacific) Address Malata (Vice President), Serena Debonnet (Europe Central) Rita Borg-Xuereb (Europe South); Irene De La Torre (Americas); Laurence Monteiro (Africa West); Ingela Wiklund (Northern Europe); Mary Kirk (Asia/Pacific); Sue Bree (Asia/Pacific); 

Photocredit: Josef Rabara

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