Essential Competencies for Basic Midwifery Practice 

"Midwives provide high quality, culturally sensitive care…..’’
ICM takes global leadership to define essential content for competency-based midwifery education which enables graduates to acquire the competencies for quality midwifery practice. 

Basic competencies:

  • Those that could be considered “core” for education and practice by all midwives who meet the ICM international definition.

Additional competencies:

  • Midwives who elect to engage in a broader scope of practice;
  • Midwives may be required to have certain skills to make the difference in maternal and neonatal outcomes in their country.

Midwives Associations are encouraged to use ICM Essential Competencies for Basic Midwifery Practice (2010 amended 2013) in the context of the development of the profession of midwifery for:

  • Guidance for educators – education curricula 
  • Guidance for clinicians – scope of practice & guidelines
  • Guidance for regulators – credentials & scope
  • Policy advocacy


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"Women have a fundamental right to competent midwifery care."

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