Awards for Midwives

Dorothea M Lang Award

The award will recognize an exceptional midwife who has demonstrated leadership and vision during the course of their work. The nominees must comply with the following essential criteria: Must be a professional midwife with at least 5 years of experience.

• Must be a member of an ICM member association unless no member association exists in her/his country.
• Must be a resident of a low resource nation where s/he practices midwifery.
• Must show demonstrated visionary and/or leadership in education, regulation, research and/or in the professional association for midwives 
• Must demonstrate their role or potential as a change agent in their own country, region or internationally with the aim of improved care for women and their newborn.

The Recipient of the award must agree to the following terms:
• Write a report based on what they have experienced/learned at ICM’s Council and Triennial Congress. 
• Write a 200 word report detailing how the award money was used. The recipient agrees to have this published on the ICM website 
• Acknowledge ICM in any professional activities, publications, and presentations that directly result from the award.

Download the Nomination Form here

Please submit nominations to the ICM Headquarters by the 15th of April 2014. 


The Marie Goubran Award

The purpose of the Marie Goubran Award is to assist in the furthering of midwifery education and practice in countries with special needs and limited funding opportunities, through the provision of grants, scholarships and awards to midwives who have demonstrated the potential to act as change agents in their region or country.

The Marie Goubran Award is presented to a midwife who has demonstrated leadership potential and commitment to childbearing women and their families in countries with special needs and limited funding opportunities.

ICM/Save the Children "Excellence in Midwifery" Award 

This award seeks to recognize midwives who specialize in newborn care in low-resource settings and have demonstrated exceptional commitment to midwifery. The awards offer an opportunity to bring international attention to the achievements of midwives and the urgent need for more health workers. Winners will be identified and supported as new champions for maternal and newborn health, and encouraged to leverage the international attention to spur country-level action. The awards will be presented at the opening ceremonies of the 30th ICM Triennial Congress in Prague, Czech Republic from 1st-5th June, 2014.

The awards are sponsored by Save the Children and ICM, and given on behalf of EveryOne, Save the Children’s global campaign to save children’s lives, and Save the Children’s Saving Newborn Lives program (SNL), supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. This is the fourth occasion this global award is presented. Read more about the award here 

ICM/USAID Family Planning Fellowship

ICM and USAID are working to identify and reward up to eight (8) FP Fellowships to midwives who have been or will be champions for family planning in USAID focus countries. With this Fellowship, ICM and USAID are recognizing the critical role that midwives play in advancing reproductive health in their countries and regions, and in particular the difference that midwives can make in reducing maternal mortality through increased provision of voluntary family planning services to women who desire them. The Fellowships are sponsored by USAID’s Office of Population and Reproductive Health, and given on behalf of the American People. This is the first occasion that USAID and ICM are sponsoring these Fellowships. Read more about the fellowships here.


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