Dissemination Meetings

ICM conducts Dissemination Meetings to facilitate understanding of the ICM Core Documents by midwives, stakeholders, governments, especially ministries of health, and policy makers in maternal newborn and child health and midwifery. These meetings can be stand alone or added on to other meetings. Dissemination meetings this year have been held in Uganda (May 2012), Sierra Leone (April 2012) and Hanoi Vietnam (July 2012) during the Asia Pacific Conference.


ICM adopted the strategy of Dissemination Meetings for the dissemination of the Global Standards, Competencies and Tools developed during the past Triennium and released in 2011. The rationale of Dissemination Meetings is to capitalise on opportunities created by gatherings of midwives in different regions for dissemination, advocacy for adoption and utilisation of ICM standards, competencies and tools. The gatherings include national and regional meetings, conferences and annual general meetings. When ICM staff, Board and representatives become aware of an event, they inform HQ. ICM then contacts the organisers and requests to extend the meeting typically for a day during which ICM will present the ICM Core Documents to the participants. Where possible a workshop to discuss adoption and utilisation is held.

Participants are invited from neighbouring countries to participate in added Meetings in those regions where travel to such a meeting can be arranged. This increases the attendance of midwives and thus dissemination of the Global Standards, Competencies and Tools.

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