Organisational Capacity Assessment

ICM uses organisational capacity assessments to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of the different components of an organisation to determine the level of development of the organisation, assessing the capacity of the whole organisation or specific components of it. Because ICM achieves its goals primarily through its Midwives Associations, a lack of a member's capacity stands in the way of achieving goals.

Capacity assessment is a prerequisite to strengthening the capacity of the organisation.

  • to identify an institution's strengths and weaknesses.
  • as a way of monitoring and evaluating the impact of activities.
  • to improve the performance of the organisation.
  • to help managers make strategic, operational or funding decisions.
  • as a basis for planning capacity building (strengthening) activities.

ICM will assess the capacity of its associations in order to use the results as a basis for planning capacity building (strengthening) activities and also to assess the capacity of new members when they join so that their needs for strengthening can be anticipated. The ICM uses MACAT for associations to assess themselves.


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