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Introducing ICM to Midwifery Students

ICM was invited as the specialist midwife and a specialist organization in global midwifery on a panel for project proposals at the midwifery school in Groningen, The Netherlands. The midwifery students, who have chosen Public Health as  a minor area for specialization during their fourth year, have developed a plan to start a project abroad. These project proposals were presented to a panel with specialits with different expertise, who gave area specific advice to the students to enhance their proposal.

There were six groups making a presentation, each 10 minutes long. The presentations were on Skin to Skin contact x 2, Helping Babies Breathe, Examining the Newborn, Malaria prevention among children and prevention of teenage pregnancy.
Three groups plan to go to Tanzania for their attachment, two to Indonesia and one to Zambia. The students were informed of the Essential Interventions project of ICM, FIGO, IPA in Indonesia and the Helping Babies Breathe Master Trainers workshop in South Africa.

This was a great opportunity to introduce the students to ICM and its work across the globe and also to create awareness of the resources and networks that ICM can make available to schools. The prospect of hosting HBB training in the Netherlands creates an opportunity for ICM advertising the programme first to the schools in the Netherlands and then to surrounding countries. 

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