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New Guide for Advocacy in RMC

Together with the Guide for Advocating for Respectful Maternity Care, the White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood has also developed a policy brief. Both documents provide helpful examples on how to advocate for the crucial work midwives do with the goal to create more support and respect for midwifery and midwives. ICM President Frances Day-Stirk ponders on the meaning of "respect" and elaborates on the role of midwives in RMC in the foreword of the guide. 

The guide first defines Respectful Maternity Care and describes the rights every woman has. It then provides advise on how to raise awareness in the civil society and how to mobilze the community before addressing the national level and the media. You can download the guide here.

The policy brief provides examples from the White Ribbon Alliance in Tanzania and Malawi and how these members have influenced policy makers, involved the media, engaged the youth and mobilized the community. You can download the guide here

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