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Learning from past projects to inspire others

Continuous Professional Development is an important topic for ICM and midwifery in order to ensure high quality care and retention of the workforce. This is also true for ICM’s own staff and thus ICM staff participated in a workshop with Prof. Dr. Valerie Fleming on research partnerships and writing for publications.

Valerie is a Consultant for Research and Development at the Institute of Midwifery in Switzerland. She has extensive research experience and conducted an international research project on the ICM competencies. During her workshop Valerie discussed with ICM staff how academic articles would increase the visibility of ICM and position the confederation as a thought leader. ICM conducts so many projects and gains valuable experiences that would help inform others in their project design and setting research priorities. To overcome challenges in regards of time constraints, she recommended that ICM includes a publishing component in the design of any planned project. By publicizing in academic journals, ICM will create new knowledge based on evidence, which will strengthen not only the credibility of the Confederation but also inform and inspire it’s member associations and midwives in general.

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