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Chilean Midwives hold their 7th International Conference on Midwifery

Group Chile midwives 2017

Some of the Chilean Midwives Association Members. Photo by Ignancio Jofré

On October 24th, the Chilean Association of Midwives held their 7th International Congress on Midwifery in Concepción. The theme for the four days Congress was "Midwifery Contributions and Challenges for Sustainable Development"

Over 300 midwives from Chile, Latin America region and local authorities from University of Concepción Board Members and the Ministry of Health representative attended the conference.

ICM President Frank Cadée's message was delivered virtually. Photo by Ignacio Jofré

ICM President Franka Cadée's video message was shared during the opening ceremony and was received with a big applause from the midwives. In her recorded video message she said, "I would like to specifically commend you for gathering together during your Congress to face and resolve challenges not just of midwifery but the wider context of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)". Her message is aligned with the promise of Latin American midwives to lead the necessary changes that promote respect in maternal care, and the strengthening of the profession in all three pillars, education, regulation, association.

In the four days of the Congress the midwives discussed on various issues and topics, among them were - midwifery contribution to SDGs, Sexual Reproductive Health, myths and realities of contraception, midwifery contribution and challenges in gynecology.

Group Aerial Chile Congress 2017

An aerial group photo of some of the Congress participants. Photo by Ignancio Jofré

In her message the ICM Inaugural Goodwill Ambassador H.E. Toyin Saraki commented, "I encourage all participants to use this conference to create positive networks and to open channels of dialogue with midwives across the country and the world."  H.E further added "We can use this forum to urge national governments to rcognize the importance of midwifery, to implement the requisite maternal health frameworks and structures and to fully understand the enormous contributions made by midwives to our society." 

Commenting on the success of the Congress, Sandra Oyarzo Torres ICM Board Member Americas Region and Chilean Midwives Association member said, "It was a wonderful opportunity to share the advances and experiences reached among the attending midwives from different places in Chile, the members of the National Council of Chilean Midwives and the Member Association's Presidents from Argentina, Ecuador, Uruguya, Paraguay, Peru." Ms. Oyarzo added, "In addition this Congress paves way to an opportunity to look into the future and the need to strengthen the leadership of Midwives in the region." 

At the end of the four days Congress, the midwives jointly agreed to the following calls:

- To recognize the progress of midwifery at regional and national level. 

- To strengthen the work among midwives and recognize that the challenge for each of us is to motivate midwives become members of Midwives Associations and ICM

- Together we are more than one to promote the best health of mothers, their children and families based on a string education, regulation and association

This article was submitted by Sandra Oyarzo Torres (ICM Board Member) and Eduardo Lillo - Chilean Midwives Association

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