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Tanzanian midwives: increasing knowledge through CBE

On a warm May morning in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania the three day Competency-Based Education Workshop opened. The rainy season was winding down yet the skies outside threatened to open. On the inside, twelve nurse midwife mentors, clinical preceptors and clinical instructors gathered. They came from Mwananyamala Hospital, Kairuki Hospital, TMJ Hospital, Magomeni Health Center, Hubert Kairuki Memorial University and Kairuki School of Nursing in an effort to increase their knowledge, skills and attitudes- the foundations of competency-based education (CBE).

Competency-based education aims to teach and assess knowledge on three domains of learning: cognitive, psychomotor and behavioral. It explores the experience of teaching and learning beyond the didactic binary of teacher and learner; it carries education off the page and into the classroom, the skills lab, the clinical setting and through multiple techniques such as role play, demonstration, clinical simulation and self-reflection develops the well-rounded nurse midwife.

TZ midwife clinical simulation CBE

One of the midwife demonstrating 

The workshop was led by Ms. Elizabeth Kijugu, Principle of the Kairuki School of Nursing and Department Chair of Maternal and Child Health Nursing at Hubert Kairuki Memorial University. She was joined by Ms. Ephrata Lyimo, clinical instructor at Kairuki School of Nursing. Ms. Kijugu and Ms. Lyimo attended a CBE workshop organized by Muhimbili National Hospital, in collaboration with the International  Confederation of Midwives (ICM), during November of 2016.

The workshop held in May was a fulfillment of their commitment to further disseminate the knowledge they had gained. The third workshop organizer was Ms. Olivia Kroening-Roche from the United States, a certified nurse-midwife and visiting guest lecturer in midwifery at Hubert Kairuki Memorial University through the Global Health Service Partnership. The objectives of the workshop were to explain the competencies needed for teaching students in the clinical setting and to enhance knowledge on various teaching skills in the clinical setting.  

TZ midwife clinical simulation CBE 2

Throughout the three day workshop, participants increased their knowledge of CBE and the role of the ICM in setting midwifery competencies and standards. They were then able to put this knowledge into practice through role play, simulations, demonstrations, case studies, providing feedback and ultimately teaching their peers.

Attendees of the workshop reported that their confidence and competence of CBE increased significantly over the course of the workshop. The primary complaint of the attendees was that the workshop was not long enough: the attendees were very interested in the topic and wanted to learn even more.

TZ CBE participants   TZ CBE participants 2

Participants of the CBE workshop in a group photo after receiving their certificates of attendance 

The Competence-Based Education for Midwifery Tutors, Clinical Preceptors and Clinical Instructors Workshop was held May 29th-31st at the Mayfair Hotel in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The workshop was sponsored by Seed Global Health. 

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