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National Core Education Program in Midwifery Workshop, Turkey

NCEPM, hosted by İstanbul Üniversity, Faculty of Health Sciences, has been held on January 08, 2016 in the conference room of Faculty of Health Sciences.

The lecturers from different Turkish universities have participated in this program held with the contributions of Turkish Association of Midwives and MIDWIFE RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT. Obstetricians, clinician midwives from public and private hospitals and studends as well as lecturers have also been very interested in this program.


The vice President of Association of Midwives Mrs. Nesibe ÜZEL has a speech entitled “The Necessity of Core Education Cirruculum in Midwifery”and  the member of Board of Directors of Association of Midwives Assoc. Dr. F. Deniz SAYINER has also a speech entitled “Midwifery Education in Turkiye”. The topics such as "The Situation and Academic Profile of Midwifery Education”, “Midwifery Education and Practices in the World”, “Development of Midwifery Education” have been discussed within the program. For this purpose, six working groups have been formed. These six working groups have prepared reports and shared them with the participants.

The importance and the urgency of the standardization of midwifery education have been emphasized in the program. In Turkiye, series workings will continue according to the direction of ICM instructions to be created a current and standard midwifery education curriculum and the ultimate result will be supplied to Turkiye Higher Education Council. 


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