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‘Dreams for Birth’ project for IDM 2015

We invite you to take part in our ‘Dreams for Birth’ project, launched in the run up to May 5th, International Day of the Midwife


Frances G

‘My dream for birth is that all women - no matter where they live - have a midwife on hand to care for them and all their reproductive health needs. My dream is that this becomes the norm.’ - Frances Ganges, Chief Executive, ICM


Starting with a photo and film collection created by White Ribbon Alliance (WRA) in the UK, ‘Dreams for Birth’ enables midwives from all over the world to express their hopes and aspirations for how childbirth should and can be, via short statements and selfies.

Watch the Dreams for Birth Video


Midwives, parents and doulas are contributing their statements and photographs for posting online.As part of this collection, your voice adds authenticity and volume to the ICM, WRA and partners’ Joint Statement calling for more midwives around the world to care for women and their families.

A series of blogs on the same theme will also be featured on the WRA and ICM websites and shared with partners.

How you can join in:

  1. Take a selfie photograph which ideally includes the sign with name of the hospital or clinic where you work. Send to Brigid at also telling me your country and where you work. And/or, post on twitter and on the ICM and/or  WRA Facebook pages with hashtags #IDM2015 and #Dreams4birth.

  2. Tweet a short statement about your Dream for Birth with hashtags #IDM2015 and #Dreams4birth.

  3. Submit a 200 – 300 word blog on your Dream for Birth to

Deadline: as soon as possible in the run up to May 5th


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