Back 11 December 2014

"Building health is a nation building strategy"

The 2014 Ebola virus disease outbreak in West Africa highlights how, in the absence of a functional health system, an epidemic can proliferate rapidly and pose huge problems. This meeting provided an opportunity for health and finance ministers from Ebola-affected countries and other high-level stakeholders to identify pragmatic solutions and needed investments to enable an adequate coverage and quality of health services for the population and to ensure that these strengthened health systems will be better prepared to cope with future crises and sustain core services, and enable rebuilding of the economy and social stability. The Director of the World Health Organization opened the meeting with this statement: "Building health is a nation building strategy". The goal of the meeting was to develop an agenda for action, including the nomination of a working group to take the work forward. ICM was represented by the President, Frances Day-Stirk. 

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