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First Congress issue, June 2nd

Second Congress issue, June 3rd

Third Congress issue, June 4th 

Fourth Congress issue, June 5th

Final Congress issue, June 11th

ICMLiveThe daily newsletter covered topics and conversations emerging from the Congress, inspiring videos, blogs, articles, summary of top tweets, photos, and much more. It was an exciting opportunity to be part of all that happened during Congress, and a great way for those at home to be kept informed about the unfolding events in Prague. Everyone could subscribe to the newsletter free of chargefor a daily delivery.

#ICMLive was a newsletter made by people for people and depended on contributions from participants through Twitter using #ICMLive. It was a highly successful initiative with over 2,600 individuals participating and sending out over 24,000 Tweets. Subscriptions were high as was the opening rate of over 40%. 

The great thing about #ICMLive is, that it doesn't just disappear after Congress, but all content will be available in an archive for you to keep using. Many of the statements, photos, blogs and videos will be immensely useful to further engage stakeholders on maternal and newborn health.


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