How the International Definition of the Midwife helped in Indonesia

Read about the fight to protect the profession of midwifery in a small region of Indonesia.

Midwives of Togo organize SOWMy process

After receiving information from ICM on the planned State of the World’s Midwifery Report 2014 (SOWMy), the President of the Togo Midwives Association, Héloise Adandogou-dAlmeida acted promptly and contacted the local UNFPA office to obtain information…

Dutch pregnant women wish to have midwife-led care in their vicinity

A recent study conducted by TNS NIPO (Dutch survey agency) has shown that Dutch women wish to have midwife-led care in their vicinity, and choice on where to give birth.

Launch of The State of Ethiopia’s Midwifery 2012 Report

The midwifery profession in Ethiopia is growing size and quality of service yet continues to face significant challenges, reports a new landmark publication entitled The State of Ethiopia’s Midwifery. The study, launched by the Ethiopian Midwives Association