‘I feel proud to be making a difference as a midwife!’

In a mini-blog series ICM is highlighting the role of midwives. The series continues with a blog about Kingsley Musama from Zimbabwe.

Midwife in South Sudan Champions Innovative Program to Reduce Bleeding after Birth

The world’s youngest country, South Sudan gained independence from Sudan in 2011 after the world’s longest civil war. These years of unrest left the country’s health care system with inadequate infrastructure, personnel and funding, causing adverse health consequences—particularly for women and children.

Mary Rose Dalaka sees this reality every day.…

Formal Event for SOWMy Data Collection

The Midwives Association of Afghanistan professionally organized workshops for the data collection and discussion for the State of the Worlds Midwifery Report (SOWMy 2014).

How the International Definition of the Midwife helped in Indonesia

Read about the fight to protect the profession of midwifery in a small region of Indonesia.