A Midwife receives the REAL Award


In a mini-blog series ICM is highlighting the role of midwives. The series continues with a guest blog from AMREF, written by Sharon Rainey.

The REAL Awards, are a ‘first-of-its kind awards platform designed to develop greater respect for and appreciation of the life-saving care provided by health workers around the world'. They were founded by the Frontline Health Workers Coalition and Save the Children. The objective of the REAL Awards is to demonstrate the universal and urgent need for more trained, caring health workers on the frontlines. By some estimates, the world is short more than five million health workers including one million frontline health workers. Existing health workers are often overworked and under-appreciated. REAL Awards should remind the public that people everywhere depend on health workers every day’.

One of the thousands of health workers that AMREF trains or whose skills they enhance through eLearning, mHealth or onsite programs, was recently selected to receive one of the first, global REAL awards for the work they do as a REAL person on the frontlines of health care.
Esther Madudu, an AMREF-trained midwife working in rural Uganda in a remote health center, was presented last week with a REAL Award to celebrate and honor the life saving work she performs day in and day out. Please read the full blog here